Jonas Blue and LÉON team up for new track “Hear Me Say”

We’ve all sat in this spring thaw for what seems like forever, and now that summer is around the corner, I’m not alone in craving that choice rhythm we can let go and dance to while a sense of normalcy returns. English songwriter and producer Jonas Blue’s latest track “Hear Me Say” could very well be what we’re looking for.


Blue has quickly become a familiar name in the pop and dance scene in the past few years thanks to singular releases like his cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” and pop and acoustic collaborations with names like Lennon Stella and Liam Payne. Choosing Swedish pop artist LÉON to sing on “Hear Me Say” is a perfect choice; her vocal power pairs seamlessly with the instrumental dips and accentuates the syncopated melody at the pre-chorus. Her 2020 album Apart chronicles the post-breakup after life with an impressive sweeping vocal range and singular electronic and pop production, so that voice and quality feels right at home in “Hear Me Say.” Consider this with the bursting chorus and addictive rhythm, and this track becomes a choice tune to welcome the summer. 

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