Jonny West drops his introspective EP “The Thing About This Is…”

Singer-songwriter Jonny West seeks to uncover life’s deepest truths while shattering false perceptions in a new EP “The Thing About This Is…”.  The spectacular artistry shown within the 7-track triumph will have you instantly gripped by its intoxication. The release features highly emotive and reflective tunes possessing a soft and bold nature.

Commencing with the irresistible “Belief” the striking track highlights captivating lyrics and vehement vocals. Singing of a higher power navigating life’s purpose, he believes in the divine plan, but knows this is not it. The hard-hitting percussion and colorful keys are the perfect paring for his strong, passionate tone, and vocals questioning life and relationships.

The eccentric “Gold Rush” oozes with seductive swagger. With a dreamy, laid-back beat and smooth soul, you are lulled into the offering’s lush quality. The piece playfully calls out the privileged wealthy that live in there own carefree bubble. Even showcasing a fresh rap, there is a funky flavor surging throughout.

His stunning single “Homicide” will definitely have you in the feels.  The release is one of pure heartbreak, telling a tale of lost love. It is a gut-wrenching demonstration of the lengths someone will go to hide what once was and those that help do their dirty work.  There is something so fascinating in the intense loyalty of friendships and that is beautifully illustrated here. 

West is most recognized for being a season 18 contestant on American Idol where he tried out with his then girlfriend. Now the two have spilt and he has channeled that pain into his beautifully crafted music. His mesmerizing tunes are known to focus on the highs and lows of relationships as well as his career and mental struggles. This EP has that similar message.  The talent reveals, “This EP is an amalgamation of trying to figure it out when it comes to the truth about money, love, brain health and all the things that have no easy answer. This record is my process in trying to navigate those things. While making this project I was truly forced to reflect on “progress” and what that means to me. I was forced to asses myself and my intentions for making art.”

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