Jordan Paul releases sizzling pop single "New Thang"

Kaua'i pop and R&B singer Jordan Paul just released his all new single "New Thang." The artist, who is best known for his tasteful and creative ability to create an immersive fusion of pop, R&B and soul, draws inspiration from great songwriters such as Bruno Mars, Mac Ayres, Samm Henshaw, and Daniel Caesar.

In "New Thang," Jordan delivers all the sparks, energy and passion as it relates to the exciting rush of meeting a new love interest. The pop-infused anthem accurately resonates with the magic, the headrush, and the nervous side-effects that we've all experienced at one point or another when we decide to make a move and take a chance on our crush. Jordan confides, "Whether it's a serious thing or not, I think it's a feeling that you forget about until you meet someone again. Nothing like the feeling of sliding into someone’s DMs and pray they respond!" Featuring svelte smooth vocals, a brilliant soulful melody, and plenty of dance-worthy grooves, the song was produced by Tim Rose, who is known for his funk-fueled musicality and R&B beats. With colorful landscapes and an infectious chorus, it's a song that will have you hooked from start to finish.

Jordan Paul is a rising indie pop artist who made his debut appearance with “Elsewhere” this past April 2021. Since then, the artist has released a string of singles as well as his Live from the Treehouse EP. On a mission to craft music that is "pleasing to the ears and soul," we can't wait to hear more from Jordan Paul and where his musical journey takes him next.

Check out Jordan Paul's "New Thang" here, a perfect addition to your weekend playlist.

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