Jordn seeks excellence in "High Hopes" 

Los Angeles based melodic hip hop artist Jordn has just released his new single and visuals for “High Hopes,” which is the title track off his new EP. The artist, who is known for his confident and empowering messages on overcoming obstacles and remaining persistent in the midst of struggles and adversity, has an innate ability to deeply touch his listeners with relatable and timely meditations on how to tap into your inner strength and rise above it all in order to be the greatest you can be.  

In “High Hopes,” Jordn reflects on the ups and downs of his career journey, while refusing to give in to negativity and fears. By staying accountable, focused, and seeing failures as opportunities to grow and evolve, Jordn keeps his mind, soul and heart in the right place for success. Jordn confides, “I say 'I’ve been in the mud for a minute, can’t stay down, I can’t let me.' Reminds me that at the end of the day, we’re the only ones responsible for whether we succeed or not." Featuring introspective lyrics over a rhythmic hip hop melody and a chorus that stays with you throughout the day, the song is as inspiring as it is relatable to anyone who is seeking the strength to keep pushing forward. 

In the accompanying visuals, Jordn is seen dressed in all black and all alone in the middle of the desert. With battle wounds and scars to show, he takes time to reflect on where he’s been, what he’s overcome, and most importantly, where he wants to go from here. With his eyes to the sky, you can feel the fire that is ignited in his heart.  As a native to the small island of Dominica in the Caribbean, Jordn made his way out to Los Angeles several years ago to grow his career as a singer songwriter His motto is “a universal understanding: live with purpose, follow your dreams.” By adopting his own philosophy, the talented songwriter has released a string of heartwarming and motivational singles, and has even co-written Chris Brown songs “You Like That”, “Part of the Plan” and “Cheetah” of his Indigo album. As an influential artist , Jordn has a way of digging deep to find his inner truth, subsequently becoming a north star and a guiding light for others. 

Check out the new single and visuals for Jordn’s “High Hopes” and remember that our challenges are our greatest teachers.

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