Jordn tests his strength on new single, "Blessed"

Los Angeles based hip-hop and R&B artist Jordn is without a doubt a talent to watch for in 2021. After co-writing Chris Brown songs such as “You Like That,” “Part of the Plan,” and “Cheetah” off his Indigo album, Jordn is stepping into his own sound with undeniable talent, cadence, and thought-provoking delivery on his latest single, “Blessed.”

“Blessed” is the first single off Jordn’s upcoming debut EP, High Hopes. The song is all about pursuing his goals with the right mindset — through honest reflection of his achievements and excellence gained through tenacity. The smooth-voiced artist reflects on his vision for a better life, filled with passion, determination, and confidence.  Jordn confides, “this song for me really was me giving myself a pep talk. I was feeling really down at that point in time for whatever reason, and I wanted to remind myself that I was actually doing a good job. It wasn't just luck that ended me up here and I truly have something to share through what I create whether it’s by myself or collaboratively.” 

“Blessed” drips with vocal swagger, heavy drum patterns, and ominous, driving production that immediately puts you in a zone. After listening to the song, you are immediately filled with a sense of inspiration, grit, and it's evident that this song sets the stage for something bigger to follow.

Jordn is an emerging artist who thoughtfully blends elements of hip-hop and R&B to create his own original sound. Through his music, he is introducing his audience to his many layers, and with his lyricism, he has found an outlet to poetically deliver his truths of perseverance, self-mastery, and fresh worldviews. Jordn's motto is “live with purpose, follow your dreams.”

Listen to “Blessed” here and remember to stay humble, grateful, and celebrate your victories often.

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