Josha Daniel showcases his expansive talent on "Awake" album

Dutch musician Josha Daniel crafts layered and hazy soundscapes for us to lose ourselves in on his second studio album  Awake, showcasing a signature blend of electronic, dance and pop music embedded within transportive, synth-heavy instrumentals.

Making a great first impression with the punchy stylings of opener “Fighting For,” Daniel establishes his talent for ethereal vocals which extends into dreamy, lead single “Close To Me,” swirling with swelling synths and pulsing electronic bass underpinned by the genre-spanning act’s velvety voice.

The 10-track productions flits effortlessly from hope and uplifting of airy offering “Strong,” which delves into coming out of the pandemic to the sultry groove of “Time to Rush,” proving his sonic versatility in the euphoric collection of music. Infusing quiet moments of contemplation of “Alive,” to weaving elements of EDM on tracks like “Closer,” and “Circles,” the album is led by complex soundscapes that are as anthemic as thoughtful.

Slowing things down with the melancholia of  “Yesterday,” Daniel makes his way down to the atmospheric, soothing beats of final track “Awake,” which lulls with warmth and comfort with an expansive yet restrained musicality. Balancing intimate explorations with giant, far-reaching sound, Awake drives home the promising talent’s ability to make music that’s polished on the surface but raw and emotional at its heart.

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