Joshua Lewis drops fun yet emotive track “Only You”

Idaho-hailing singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joshua Lewis lush yet anthemic single“Only You,” the second single off his upcoming LP, Friction, carried by a playful yet emotive sonic arrangement that ebbs and flows with his strong but smooth vocal delivery.

A joyous tune that showcases Lewis’ ability to blend genres and experiment with his artistry, all while having fun with it, the track opens slowly and builds into something powerful, the crisp beats resonating over his versatile voice.

The second song to be recorded for the album, “Only You,” is a number which Lewis describes as one where he simply “wanted to have fun.” Delving into the creation process for it, he said,

Speaking of the track and its creation process, Lewis said,“I found these four chords that I liked, and re-arranged them in different phrases/rhythms throughout the tune. The chorus ‘only you’ harmonies are probably my favorite moment on the record. I wanted to make something a little dissonant but retain a pop feel. I still look back and think ‘how did I even write that?’ It all came to me within a week.”

With nearly a decade of experience in engineering and production, Joshua Lewis journey into the other side of music with debut album Too Soft in 2021. Establishing his pop-rock infused artistry on his first project, Lewis seems to set to challenge himself further on his next foray.

“Only You,” being one of the first glimpses of the expressive song writing and fluid musicality that he hopes to bring to life on Friction ,we can expect breezy but booming yacht rock soundscapes to grace us within the next few months.

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