Josie Man showers fans with love in the pop anthem “Grow”

As a pop artist, Josie Man has a goal to just send out good energy. If music is the only way she can do it, Josie puts her heart and soul into making sure it comes out amazing. Man barely hit the pop scene last year, but with her debut 2020 EP aLOVINGboothang, she released a collection of groovy self-love pop hits. In a time like now, she’s proving herself to be the pop artist we need. Today, she’s releasing the undeniably catchy and upbeat track “Grow.”

With a production similar to Charli XCX and flowing vocals like Beabadoobee’s, “Grow” is a surprising, refreshing track. Even with her gentle voice, the power to make the song an anthem comes from Man’s feeling behind the lyrics. One can hear her sincerity as she sings renditions of the primary lyric, “I’ve been hurt, lessons learnt but nothing ever grows without it.” The track never misses a beat, maintaining its groove and bubblegum sound to keep listeners moving.

Everything we feel, everyone we meet, everything we do. All of it is part of life’s growing process, and that process never stops. Man reassures her fans that, at the end of the day, it’s not that daunting.

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