Josie Proto explores misinformation through social media in her new single, “Burner” [Video]

Coming off the release of British pop artist, Josie Proto‘s debut EP out for release later in 2020, is Proto’s third single, “Burner” — a song that tackles the subject of false information spread through social media.

Following on from the release of Proto’s second single “Sliced Bread” earlier in April 2020, Proto has teamed up with producer Ben Matravers – brother of Easy Life‘s Murray Matravers – on the project, that sees Proto’s blend of playful pianos, sunny guitar strums and quintessentially British vocal delivery, where Proto and Matravers showcases a tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the idea that the only way to escape social media is to proverbially “live in a cave”, as touched on within Proto’s lyrics for the song.

Reminiscent of Kate Nash, Proto’s new single is not only a stellar follow up to her previous catchy pop anthem “Sliced Bread”, but Proto continues to shine through her style of conversational lyrics and occasionally tongue-in-cheek delivery in the form of a solid story that’s easily relevant to any listener.

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