Joudy deliver explosive rock anthem “Tail End”

NYC-based, Venezuelan experimental rock act Joudy deliver explosive rock anthem “Tail End,” melding their intense Venezuelan roots with a spontaneous grunge-rock sensibility.

The third track to be taken from their new album, Destroy All Monsters, the gritty number with its dissonant energy and apocalyptic feel perfectly captures their introspective style and carefully considered lyricism.

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With the album rooted in the tale of their defiant rebirth, we’re invited into the crevices of their life’s journey, grounding us in reality but uplifting us with hope at the same time through their inviting artistry.

Having fled the corrupt authoritarian regime of their home country, the band who carried the dark-edged but anthemic sound they’d honed over the years, reunited in NYC as a three-piece in 2020. Rebuilding their lives and music with ferocity and vulnerability in equal parts to give life to something familiar yet refreshing, the group who quickly earned a fanbase for themselves continues on their upward trajectory.

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