Joy Crookes drops new song “Anyone But Me”

South London singer Joy Crookes has released her new track “Anyone But Me”. The new single is the neo-soul singer’s first drop from this year. Addressing mental health, Crookes takes some time to open up about her own struggle. 

“Anyone But Me” is a creative interpolation of Nina Simone’s “Love Me or Leave Me”. The smooth cut incorporates stand-alone guitar strums and deep 808s. Battling her own demons, Crookes’s soulful voice cries out for peace of mind. “Been down so long now, that happy is holy/I’d rather be somewhere else with anyone but me”, Crookes floats over pain-filled verses. Her ability to be vulnerable and candid works well with the bluesy production. Crookes does a great job of addressing something that is very relatable amongst listeners. It’s not often to hear artists open up about their own mental health. 

Joy Crookes’s seems to be gearing up for quite a few releases this year. 2019 was a very active year for the singer-songwriter where, in addition to a few singles, Crookes also released her 5- track EP Perception

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