Joyner Lucas and J Cole reflect on "Your Heart"

Sensational rappers Joyner Lucas and J Cole have shared a reflective new single called "Your Heart". The influential artists trade verses over a melancholic instrumental co-produced by Palaze, LC, and Hagan, as they tell stories of losing a lover due to one's own bad behavior. Both musicians have had eventful weeks, with J Cole fresh off the heels of his powerful new release Heaven's EP, and Lucas having recently been embroiled in a high profile feud with public relations magnate Karen Civil. Timing-wise, it seems they have a lot to get off their chests emotionally, and this song reflects that with its cathartic, pensive mood.

The instrumental for "Your Heart" is bittersweet, containing drifting, somber guitars underscored by rich 808s. Beneath, crisp percussion locks in a smooth rhythm, providing a strong foundation for Lucas and J Cole's dynamic flows. The pair come through with some sharply crafted verses, exercising their deft technical abilities on the mic through flexible rhythms. Topically, they reflect on the consequences of ignoring a lover's feelings and acting selfishly, a potent topic that is relatable to a wide number of listeners. 

While it is unclear if these two will ever release a longer project together, judging from this track it would certainly be welcome. The two sound poised as they deliver expressive, emotionally charged verses, and the chemistry they share is evident. With a poignant theme and clean, groovy production, this is a release that provides much replay value.

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