JP Enfant ticks all the boxes on ‘Somewhere Else’ EP

Former Trouw & De School resident JP Enfant joins forces with Cuevawolf and Maren Monika Brombeiss to create an immersive sensory experience. Experienced via an event series and label, the music is produced at 432hz — a frequency known to uplift emotional wellbeing. JP Enfant brings to life the label side of Psychedelic Romance via the Somewhere Else EP, a five-track body of work, completed with a remix from the UK’s very own LCY. Genre-bending, playful, and yet tastefully refined, Somewhere Else encompasses all the emotions we’ve been bottling up over the last few years.

“Dreamwave” instantly warms the cockles, opening with dream-like synth sequences, gentle percussion and enough driving force to make the track as appropriate for the club as it is for a deep home listening session. “Muzieklokaal” expertly blends elements from bass-heavy genres and euphoric breaks to offer another pleasantly uplifting track. Doing exactly what the trio initially set out to achieve, JP Enfant leads us down a healing, inspirational and deeply moving path. An intriguing combination of incredibly gentle and incredibly lively, the Somewhere Else EP transports us to a safe space.

“Drips” and “City Whisper” wind the original tracks to a close in a heavily calming manner, particularly the latter. Profoundly introspective, the entire EP will have you feeling as light as a feather by the time you’re finished listening. If you could pin the phrase “Psychedelic Romance” to a sound, this would be it to a tee. LCY — renowned for being one of the most exciting artists the UK has to offer at the moment — steps up with a breakbeat-heavy, club-focused remix of “Muzieklokaal.” Switching between scattered beats and four/four rhythms, it’s impossible to gauge where the track’s going to take you next, as is the LCY way. With the project as a whole aiming to “create purposeful healing frequencies through music and art that ultimately raises and harmonizes our audience’s vibration,” if this EP is anything to go by, the project in its entirety is going to be very special indeed.

Somewhere Else can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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