JPOPD1 delves into fulfillment on “Satisfaction”

Miami-based rapper, singer and producer JPOPD1 has set himself as a hip-hop act to keep on your radar with his smooth blend of rich emotion over infectious hip-hop soundscapes.

Following the release of heartfelt number “Alone,” JPOPD1 keeps the momentum going with his latest offering “Satisfaction,” a perfect encapsulation of the rising act’s lyrical skill framed by a clean, riff-laden soundscape. Weaving a tale about fulfillment in partnerships and relationships in a way that’s intimate yet resonates with anyone listening, JPOPD1’s music has ability to comfort.

Infused with a feel-good vibe that makes people feel less lonely amidst the atmospheric beats he puts forth, this latest number brings us closer to his upcoming EP, which is sure to draw from the highlights of his releases so far to bring alive an evolved yet emotive sound, that will take him much further on his musical journey.

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