Jssan pays ode to Chicago city on “City of Mine”

Chicago musician Jssan weaves cinematic tale about the trials and tribulations of his city on “City of Mine,” which brings his penchant of experimentation together with an upbeat, culturally rich sound with a liberating vibe.

Crafted to delve into the glamour and destruction of the city within a bittersweet yet uplifting hip-hop melodies, infused with tinges of pop and R&B. Led by a gritty yet alluring style that pulls from multiple sub-genres, the track conjures up a distinct and catchy sound that’s introspective and danceable all at once.

Featuring poignant song writing like “I’m from a city where you gotta keep yo eyes and yo ears open / Balloons in the sky mommas heartbroken, She told you not to hang with em you let em in, Gotta love yourself  kick back and take five,” the production which comes to life as an ode to the city he was raised is framed by various sonic influences that make up his overall artistry.

Having broken out with captivating debut single “Okay,” Jssan has showcased constant development on each new release and he continues his fast-paced growth on his newest offering as well.

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