Juan Sanchez’ “Nunchi” is stripped-back techno done right

Shelter resident and Format Records boss Juan Sanchez has released a five-track EP via Ben SimsSymbolism Ltd imprint. It’s stripped back, energetic techno that’s made with the dancefloor in mind.

The title track – “Nunchi” – combines constant grooves and a pulsating bassline to get the EP off to a dynamic start before things start to really heat up. A classy piece of rolling techno, it’s easy to understand why Sanchez was welcomed to the Symbolism Ltd roster. “Manja” brings a slightly more chaotic, layered sound to the EP. Despite the tracks slightly more erratic vibe, Sanchez is securely in control, using the different levels to build tension and command the dancefloor; it’s about as hypnotic as they come.

“Massive Pile Up” descends back into the consistent, cruising rhythm that we heard in “Nunchi”. This is perhaps a near-perfect testimony to the modern sounds of Berlin techno that is so familiar across labels such as Klockworks. It makes the original German name for the track, “Massenzusammenstoss”, feel apt. Devoid of almost all peaks and troughs, lovers of the “classic techno” sound will no doubt appreciate this track.

“Labo4” has a far more minimalistic and futuristic sound to it than the prior tracks. The subtle, spaced out melodies tone things down a touch, but all the energy remains; it’s a certified heater in the right hands. “Signs,” which is a digital-only track, rounds off the EP with another slightly more relaxed, yet nifty little number, shining a spotlight on Sanchez’ range as a masterful producer.

Nunchi can be purchased via Juno Records.

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