Jufu showcases skillful versatility on “CashApp”


9 year-old Haitian-American artist Jufu (born Julian Jeanmarie) caught the attention of the internet with his TikTok videos. He got reposts from the likes of Will Smith, Lil Nas X, Steve Harvey, who jumped on board and made their own clips to his viral video of Who R U. Who R U has garnered over over 10 million global streams with 55 million likes on TikTok to date.

Before the virality of TikTok, Jufu’s passion in music began after taking guitar lessons when he was 9 years old. He started with just learning classical guitar music and older songs and covers; which later developed into Jufu creating his own music and finding his own sound. CashApp is Jufu’s most recent release. Jufu’s charismatic personality instantly jumps out as he introduces some adlibs and switches up his flow 20 seconds into the song. The production has an underlying mysterious element and futuristic/sci-fi soundscapes. The eccentric peculiarity of the beat allows Jufu to be both experimental and skillful throughout the track. 

The beat stays consistent and doesn’t overpower him. Instead, Jufu takes it as an opportunity to uniquely showcase his versatility, from his flow to his wordplay and delivery.The song is full of smart wordplays and wit, and there’s always an element of surprise with Jufu and that will consistently keep fans coming back.

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