Julia Charles shares dulcet “don’t really care what we call it”

South African songwriter Julia Church shares the carefree single “don’t really care what we call it”. Drifting between intimate pop and chilled melodies, the single is a dreamy single laced with elegant vocals. This is pure heaven.

Wrapped in soulful grooves, the single details the confusion of relationship labels, disregarding the necessity of the ‘are we, aren’t we’ conversation. A sweet, breezy piece of pop that ignites the power of being carefree, “don’t really care what we call it” is a hazy ballad perfect for romantising. “‘don’t really care what we call it’ is about being in that limbo phase of a new relationship and trying to navigate feelings while being on different pages,” explains Julia. “It’s about how I became increasingly unattached with the more affection I recieved and ultimately wanted something less serious.”

Julia Charles’ makes it too easy to get lose in her dulcet sounds. Delving into her other tunes are a must after listening to this new single. Her heavenly production and rose-tinted songwriting is enthralling. “don’t really care what we call it” is one of the best tunes I’ve heard this year.

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