Julia Kahn takes us along on her ‘Heroine’s Journey’ on debut EP

Nashville-based electronic-pop act Julia Kahn has delivered her debut EP, titled “Heroine’s Journey”. Across the project, Kahn contemplates the idea of grappling with the dark phases in life as a necessity to find the light- a mentality shift in today’s world we could all use. This project is an ethereal voyage deeper into one’s soul; a modern feminine journey of transformation. Sonically, it contains a number of sweeping, emotive tracks that immerse the listener in their layered instrumentation, making for an atmospheric, rich listen overall.

Songs such as the opener “Broken Kind of Beautiful” present an expansive, ethereal sound that does not quite fit into one categorization. Blending elements of pop and electronic smoothly and cohesively, the song provides an example of Kahn’s signature sound, with a juxtaposition of silky sonics with distorted fx and glitchier percussion. “Need You Here” introduces an infectious groove built on crisp percussion that leans upon hip-hop influences, whereas the punchy, atmospheric “Love Me Instead” presents a glowing offering that is highly re-playable. Closer “Life Lessons in the Parking Lot” closes the project on a bittersweet note with an emotive and sharply-written song containing airy, immersive instrumentation and a memorable vocal performance from Kahn.

Regarding Heroine’s Journey, Kahn said, “Creating this EP served as a map for me. A map for overcoming darkness with the powerful vulnerability of becoming my own light. Inspired by the heroine’s journey, my intention for this EP was to create something that could serve as a companion to anyone on their own journey to finding self-love. Something to lean on. A safe, ethereal place to dive inward and wrestle with the raw reality of duality…yet wrestle with grace, strength and acceptance- the feminine.”

The latest from Nashville-based artist Julia Kahn, Heroine’s Journey presents a versatile and focused 7-song project that showcases her abilities as a songwriter and poignant lyricist.

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