Julian Lamadrid breaks out in new music video for “Patience”

When honesty and vulnerability are at the forefront, there is always something beautiful to hold on to, and Julian Lamadrid dares to show that in the music video for his new single “Patience.” It is not easy to be charming in a world that has seen it all—where every expression is but a click away—and yet Lamadrid endears himself with a dance video that blends frigid and precise sonic and visual technology with the warmth of dreams.

“Patience” has a dreamy atmosphere to it that showcases flourishing synths and pretty key leads that flash to a galloping dance beat. The music video may seem simple at a glance, but the story it is telling is far from it: Julian Lamadrid’s dreams of stardom become reality, thanks to persistence and belief, he rejoices in that, and it shows. Lamadrid dares to show us his doubts, his triumphs, and even the words of those who love and believe in him, guiding his multi-colored lit dance to the top.

Lamadrid’s latest single is an elegant electro-pop soundscape that’s sure to get you dancing. The deeper introspective undertones will get you to understand his desire to connect with his audience, and that speaks volumes of a young artist. In a world saturated with radio-intended pop music, it is hard to decipher where the genre’s road ahead is, Lamadrid lights the way with a single that is touching, a performance that is charming, and a story worth telling. Let me be so bold: Julian Lamadrid is not only an example of how far pop music has come, he is an example of where it is headed.

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