juliana maria reflects on summer romance on debut single "Loverboy"

juliana maria enraptures with an addictive soundscape on her debut single “ Loverboy.” A nuanced, lush offering led by her bold yet husky vocals over an intricately layered instrumental, with pulsing beats and earworm guitars, the atmospheric single delves into the inevitable end of a crush.

Energetic and emotive in equal parts, the relatable track draws inspiration from the young singer’s own struggles with various summer flings, as it breaks down the inherent toxicity and impermanence of a crush, combining her introspections about being infatuated with someone with reflections on how crushes never pan out to be more than momentary.

The coming-of-age story paints a vibrant picture of hopeless romanticism framed by her seductive voice and a velvety pop-infused soundscape as the 19-year-old carefully weaves the ups and down of being young and in love within the infectious offering that leaves us reaching for the replay button.

Her leaked demos having created a buzz around her, maria’s musical presence has already been established ahead of her debut. which shapes up as a polished production on which her vocal range and versality shine with ease.  Showcasing a delicate yet powerful artistry, “Loverboy,” carves juliana maria’s path for her journey forward.  

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