Julien Bracht’s "Streets" given punchy techno remix by DJ Stingray 313

Berlin act Julien Bracht’s track “Streets,” is given a new twist by Detroit’s DJ Stingray 313 who infuses raw techno soundscapes into the electronic swirls of the original. Tapping into his signature style of futuristic, fast-paced electro sounds, DJ Stingray weaves thumping drum patterns into earthy basslines for a refreshing take on Bracht’s production.

“Streets,” is the second track to be remixed from Bracht’s newly released album Now Forever One, the slower, hazier tones of the original track being reinvented into something far fiercer with DJ Stingray’s power-packed artistry coming into full force. The kind of track that can get anyone moving with its lacerating sonics and anthemic vibes, the remix gives the instrumental a potent punch with its inventive drum beats.

The founder of Urban Tribe Sherard Ingram, DJ Stingray 313 who has been a pivotal figure in Detroit’s techno since his debut release in 1987 adds a classic, veteran touch to the intricate craft and hypnotic feelsof rising act Julien Bracht.

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