Juliet Oliver delves into unrequited love and pining on “Cross Your Mind”

Emerging pop-country singer-songwriter Juliet Oliver delves into unrequited love and pining on “Cross Your Mind,” a heartfelt anthem that anyone who has ever felt or yearned for a deep connection with someone will resonate with.

Painting a vivid picture of the first spark in a teen love story, the joyous number encapsulates a happy ending and leaves us craving for unrestrained attention and affection from the person who stole our heart.

Led by her signature fusion of country and pop tinged with jazz, the track unveils Oliver’s heart-on-sleeve song writing framed by genuine emotions alongside a splash of wit and sass as she crafts a tale that leaves us hoping that we cross our loved one’s mind.

Having developed her song writing through her own experiences as a young adult, Oliver’s relatable artistry first blossomed when she was 11. From lyrical dives into her experiences as a teen backdropped by acoustic guitar to building a musical repertoire founded upon on a luscious genre-blended sound, this authentic talent continues to go from strength to strength.

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