Julietta is letting go of expectations in “Levitate”

Julietta takes a dive into a dreamy soundscape with her new song “Levitate” the title track of her upcoming EP gives us a perfect taste of what’s to come.

The up-and-coming pop artist has the ability to merge ethereal vocals with this dark melody and incandescent beats. Her effervescent vocals pierce right into your psyche. It’s like floating in negative space. You’re not sure where she’s going to take you. The vocals build into a lush chorus, booming and echoing. She’s letting go of everyone’s expectations and rising above it. Her gaze is solely focused on her future self; her vision is clear and unwavering. “Say what you want to say, I’m a million miles away from what you want me to be,” she sings over a haunting beat. 

It only makes sense that she wrote the song after her move from the East Coast to Los Angeles, she started to realize her true-self; it was a complete genesis. She got to write her new story and figure out who she really is, and she’s on the right path. You can feel that energy pulsing throughout the song.  

Julietta’s upcoming “Levitate” EP follows her 2018 debut album Smooth Sailing, and the album captures her journey through adolescence in New York City. Now, she’s ready for a new chapter, and her sound is a reflection of her new life. To date, she’s amassed 6 million streams and her 2017 standout debut single “Beach Break” has achieved over 2 million listeners. In addition, her music has been featured on Spotify’s Viral 50, Indie Pop, and New Indie Mix playlists, to name a few.

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