Juls returns with ethereal new offering “Heartbreaker”

Juls continues to radiate with oceanic melancholy and blissful euphony, and her latest single “Heartbreaker” is no exception. The Connecticut-based singer-songwriter unites her burning desire for pop perfection, as she lyrically depicts the abounding highs and lows of adolescence from the movements of sunkissed waves.

Across Juls’ repertoire, there is no doubt that at her core, she is a truly remarkable storyteller. She explains, “I wrote the hook of this new song in my bedroom in Los Angeles last summer. I distinctly remember looking out my window and thinking about how heartbreak has a butterfly effect of sorts; people never break more hearts than when they are heartbroken because they often turn to others to ease their own pain.”

The resonance of Juls’s lyricism promotes a confiding ability to feel. As she reminds people of the magic in small moments, “Heartbreaker” soars with catharsis. Juls continues, “This person may simply be looking in another’s eyes to erase the haunting memory of the ones they are trying to forget.. in the process, the people with fresh eyes may become heartbroken and taint themselves in a cyclical and sorta achingly ironic way. So I decided to write a song about this cycle of heartbreak and heartbreaking, building off of this play on words to create the hook.”

A dreamy synth-heavy backing forms the perfect backdrop for Jul’s soaring vocal energy. Paired with pulsing basslines and euphoric energy, “Heartbreaker” overflows with catharsis. Bringing a healthy dose of relatability to the pop scene, Juls consolidates her status as an exceptional emerging artist.

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