JuS CODE keeps his “Promise” and reveals his emotions

LA-based artist JuS CODE releases a fiery new single “Promise”—a track dripping with deep emotions and powerful lyrics over a hardcore and high BPM beat.

“Promise” is taken off of JuS CODE’s latest  EP Code Story—a project that showcases the versatility of the artist as he effortlessly alters between heartfelt singing and dynamic rapping. The production of his latest work pulls influence from an array of various genres and features everything from guitar sounds, ambient soft beats, and hardcore g-rap melody.
The accompanying music video for “Promise” features hazy yet colorful scenes that go perfect with the elusive beats in the track. The autotune vocals of the track exude fiery passion as he delivers heartfelt lyrics with brutal force. Through clever wordplay, CODE executes raw emotion over a masterful piano work that quickly accelerates and turns into quick, snappy beats that move the soul. 
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