JUSTY share new project 'Pain With Benefits'

After releasing some singles, Brooklyn-based artist  J U S T Y returns with her new album Pain With Benefits, a 10-track project that dives into queer love, self-love, mental health, and inner strength.

JUSTY's unique blend of R&Bl, soul, and jazz-infused with hip-hop takes precedence as she perfectly matches soft soothing beats with alluring melodic runs and vivid lyricism. With the pen in her hand, she is adept on her own but still brings a handful of talented friends to join her on this journey of self-discovery.  On somber jazzy vibes of "I'm Learning How To Live" she and Fereal Dez muse on the weird cards life dealt them. From losing Kobe and Gianna to COVID-19 and being locked in the house, the duo shares their thoughts while reminding us that they are far from checking out and life continues. LTR4 appears on "Last Love Letter"  where he and JUSTY hope for a global change over a mellow nostalgic jazzy production. JUSTY showcases her vocal range on tracks like "The Get Out," and the closer "Expectations" where he delivers heartfelt performances with her low hushed vocals. The production on "Letting Loose" strays a bit with its warm retro-soul vibe and electronic drum grooves and it sees JUSTY finding solace in being true to herself.

Pain With Benefits for the most part has a cohesive sound and JUSTY's knack for pouring her emotions over solemn productions is perfect to a tee. While her rapping is flawless, her singing prowess is quite remarkable and gets the job done when delivering heart-wrenching harmonic vibes.

Get Pain With Benefits, on SoundCloud.

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