Jwalt releases new powerful single “Where You Been”

Once you become familiar with his music, it is almost unbelievable to grasp the fact that Jwalt is only 18-years-old. This hip-hop artist from Oakland, California is way ahead of his time and that is extremely apparent in his new single “Where You Been.”

“Where You Been” is a track that will capture everyone’s attention in a matter of seconds. The single is full of intense lyricism, allowing us to witness his hardships. Who would ever think that someone who was in high school can actually write a perfect track like this? It’s rare and mind-blowing to witness how someone this early in his career can create this high caliber of wordplay. Jwalt so passionately expresses his issues with his mental health that it allows listeners to get fully enwrapped with his music. Coupled with hardcore beats that flow perfectly with the words, his delivery is enthralling.

It comes to no surprise that Jwalt has caught the attention of industry heavyweights like Logic himself, who has taken part in mentoring this young artist. This single undeniably left a huge impression, leaving us all excited for his mini-doc and his upcoming EP Yours Truly, which will be released on May 15th. If you’re not already on to this artist, then get familiar quick. 

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