JYLDA offers a dark mystique on “Jeopardy” [Exclusive Video]

Growing up in Germany and having lived a somewhat nomadic life since the now London-based alt-pop songstress JYLDA triumphs in the creative coalescence of her life experiences. The result is an enrapturing and nuanced blend that’s hard to place, with cherry-picked elements from across the darker, more avant-garde side of the pop spectrum, arranged in a manner that revels in the brooding atmosphere it creates.

Her first single of 2020, “Jeopardy” is the perfect introduction to her rich musical tapestry. The instrumental is sparse and wonky, and whilst entirely synthetic, is delivered in a production style that adds an organic and human feel. Masterfully toying with negative space that only proves to bolster the foreboding atmosphere, her vocal naturally takes centre stage. Jazzy and ethereal, it salubriously performs as both a layer of production, as well as a captivating top line.

“Jeopardy is a hymn to danger. Can you still take risks now, can you still dare, be bold and think big?” Speaking to the track in the email press release, she outlines that it is an ode to self-expression and the risks often involved. She continues, “While stepping back from our old life, we can change and unapologetically express ourselves. This song is a call for audacity — in life, in love and in creativity.”

With a vocal presence akin to that of an intimate live performance, the track seamlessly transfers into the visual realm. The vividly and colourful music video further amplifies the already distinct sonic character. A truly standout alt-pop cut, we’re excited to see what’s next from this inspired artist.

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