Kablito shares an empowering post-break-up anthem “Baby Bye Bye”

Los Angeles-based Latin musician, Kablito, has conquered her past break-ups with her new single, “Baby Bye Bye”. Written with Bad Bunny collaborator, Albert Hype, and Jota Rosa, this latest single is a pop anthem infused with soft reggaeton and dancehall elements. It’s an empowering song about coming out stronger on the other side after a break up. 

Kablito has also shared a video for “Baby Bye Bye” created with a montage of Tiktok snippets. Initially, she had planned to shoot with Tiktok dancers at a golf course, however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it couldn’t go ahead. Instead of cancelling the video, Kablito and her creative director, Tiramisuave,  thought of a new approach. The video sees Kablito filming herself and interchanging between choreographed dances performed by Kablito and other Tiktok collaborators. 

In “Baby Bye Bye”, Kablito expresses herself so effortlessly as she sings in her mother tongue, Spanish. The track’s bold reggaeton rhythms emphasize the tenderness of Kablito’s vocals. Her voice is gentle but self-assured in every word. “Baby Bye Bye” is a hip-moving pop song with a lot of warmth and sincerity.

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