KAE SERA reminisces on long lost love in “Past Tense”

London electro-pop artist KAE SERA delves into the fading memories of a once cherished relationship in her new single “Past Tense.” Taking us on a poignant journey through the remnants of a love that has withered away, the songwriter reflects on how this can leave you feeling overwhelmed and diminished.

With synth-driven melodies, a pounding beat, muted, echoing tones and bittersweet vocals that capture the essence of love lost, “Past Tense” emits an overall enchanting atmosphere. Written amidst the tranquil surroundings of the Balearic Islands, KAE SERA found inspiration in the rhythmic pulse of the chilled and awe-inspiring sunsets. 

Through heartfelt lyricism, KAE SERA depicts a distant past, where nostalgia and regret intertwine in a delicate dance of emotions. Capturing the complexities of human emotions, the artist shares, “My music is often about weighing up contradictory emotions and holding the good and the bad together.”

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