KAIRO releases sun-drenched sophomore EP, “Return to Sender”

Nigeria-born, Houston based duo KAIRO’s newest EP, Return To Sender, is a love letter dedicated to healing and acceptance.

A warm, bright and sunny r&b sound accompanied with lighthearted but piercingly honest lyricism, Return To Sender shoots for your heart and soul. The tracklist plays with genre-blending moments with the guitar-driven “Over,” the alt-pop focused “Brokenhearted” as well as the heartfelt piano ballad of “Movie Star.” A comforting sense of ease strings the project together ever so smoothly, despite the overwhelming theme of trying to get over past lovers and emotional hurdles.

But don’t let the simplicity of it all fools you. It’s no surprise that KAIRO’s sound reminisces some of the best players in the scene, as “Brokenhearted” and “Ready” were cowritten with the ultra-talented UMI; but beyond the energetic double A-side singles, the twin brothers Ej and Ak provide no boring moment throughout the project.

Return To Sender as a complete body of work showcases KAIRO’s undeniable talent to experiment beyond influence and describe emotions in the purest way possible. Even the final track, “Let Go (Demo),” acts as a highlight to the project. The honey-sweet, sun-drenched acoustic melody and vocal leave echoes behind, coining the no-closure nature of all things as the duo closes out the EP.

Regarding the EP, the duo says: “Our new EP Return To Sender is a reflection of our growth over the past three years, both as artists and as young men experiencing the ups and downs of life and love. This EP picks up where we left off on our debut EP Love Letters From Houston, exploring the ending of our past relationships while the first EP explored the beginning. If you listen to the two EPs back to back, you’ll be able to hear both the rollercoaster of emotions from that journey and the elevation from more acoustic-based production to a slightly more elevated sound.”

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