Kali Uchis delivers new EP ‘TO FEEL ALIVE’

Alternative singer Kali Uchis has dropped her new EP TO FEEL ALIVE. The short and sweet project is only 10 minutes long, but just enough to keep listeners satisfied. She has had a few obstacles in the way of dropping her sophomore album and with everything up in the air due to the pandemic, TO FEEL ALIVE is here to help us hold out just a bit longer. 

This release is an airy 4-track cut that works through all the feels that make you feel alive. Inspired by mellow sounds and instrumentation from her prior release, TO FEEL ALIVE is laid back and bluesy. Opening up with “honey baby (SPOILED)”, Uchis’ vocals float in and out of natural soundscapes. The opening track slowly transitions into slow-burning melodies on “Angel” and throughout the rest of the project. Blending components of hip-hop and futuristic sounds, TO FEEL ALIVE is cohesive and filled with smooth composition. Wrapping up the four tracks with the self-titled track, Uchis breathlessly leaves everything on the track.  She doesn’t hold back as she unravels over a love gone sour. While may not be the album we are impatiently waiting for, there are definitely some sleepers on this EP.

The new 2020 release is her latest drop since her debut album Isolation back in 2018. Kali has still been in the lab, delivering features to Kaytranada, Tyler the Creator, and many more. There’s no telling when the next album will come but in the meantime, check out her EP up top. 

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