Kamron Bahani and Anoyd team up for “potential”

Rockland County, New York-based artist Kamron Bahani and Anoyd team up on a highly anticipated “potential” single from their collaborative EP, “My Goodness.”

Bahani and Anoyd showcase their collaborative skill through their vocal tonality, delivery & wordplay on this catchy anthem with powerful vocals, enticing flows, and dynamic wordplay. The production is layered with a dynamic sound, overwhelming bass, glittering keys, and drums guaranteed to test the threshold of your speakers’ sound barriers.

The duo has joined together, and this single proves that steel sharpens steel. It can be challenging to maneuver with such a heavy beat, but Anoyd keeps you engaged throughout. Following his verse are the pre-chorus & the hook, both of which are groovy & infectious. Both combined efforts prove that east-coast hip-hop is stronger than ever. It’s punchy, deliberately boastful & the perfect song to blast with the windows down. Let’s just say “Potential” has a ton of potential. 

Stream Kamron Bahani and Anoyd’s “Potential” on Spotify. 

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