Kaptev and Tyra Jutai go for ultimate “The Play”

Toronto-based singer Kaptev is a man of many talents ranging from songwriting, DJing and now he is busy flexing his vocals. On this Walter P produced single “The Play” he embodies the role of a man confident in his skin and able to fully express his emotions outside of social norms and constructs. He details his desires for a certain lady and he is willing to take the shot once she gives him the go signal.

Backed by an atmospheric and inviting backdrop, Kaptev’s crispy vocals take center stage and the result is a catchy melodic run that plays on even after the song stops. His blend of hip-hop and R&B is fluid and doesn’t sound forced as well. Also joining him on the record is vocalist Tyra Jutai whose sublime harmonies form the bedrock of the track. She doesn’t actually have a verse but her voice can be heard throughout as she complements Kaptev’s punchy performance at every turn.

“The Play” is Kaptev’s sophomore single and title track from his forthcoming EP.

As a DJ, Kaptev has opened for A$AP Rocky and French Montana, and he has also performed at the Blues Festival in Ottawa. He also DJed and co-produced for Ottawa hip-hop act City Fidelia.

Photo Credit: Tyra Jutai

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