Katanak delivers a vibrant music video “Lights of Tokyo”

Katanak, the up-and-coming indie pop/rock, has released the latest music video, “Lights of Tokyo.” The video draws inspiration from the bustling city of Tokyo and the enchanting world of anime, promising to captivate music fans worldwide.

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“Lights of Tokyo” is an exhilarating track that tells the story of two people who meet by chance in a foreign city and feel an instant connection. This real-life-inspired song perfectly blends modern indie pop/rock with an infectious energy that will resonate with fans profoundly. Katanak’s sound is influenced by acclaimed bands such as The 1975, The Wombats, and COIN, creating a distinctive sound that will impress.

The music video for “Lights of Tokyo” takes viewers on a stunning visual journey by embracing the vibrant aesthetics of anime. From dynamic action sequences to beautifully vibrant cityscapes, the video perfectly complements the song’s high-energy vibe, creating an unforgettable experience that intertwines music and anime.

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