Kate Brunotts digs deep in "ALL THE VOICES IN MY HEAD"

Indie pop act Kate Brunotts shares her self-produced single "ALL THE VOICES IN MY HEAD" which dives into the concept of self-acceptance in the digital sphere amidst the information overload. She delivers a melancholic and somewhat weary performance as she runs through the gamut of emotions that come with being on social media these days. From the negative comments, random trolls, and whatnot, Brunotts akin these elements to being voices in her head, and the only way to balance things is out is by finding a balance between the good and bad. The self-produced record is as ominous as they come and it's ripe with moody strings, cinematic violin strings, and ominous-sounding stacked harmonies that pepper the punchy drum grooves and mild bassline. 


"ALL THE VOICES IN MY HEAD" is the lead single from her new self-produced all caps, a conceptual project that explores the blurred lines between an individual's digital and physical representation. Brunott's view of these two things is quite interesting as she sees her digital self or avatar being more demanding which slowly takes a toll on the physical self till she feels it's reduced to nothing but ones and zeroes.

Kate Brunotts is a newly adopted New Yorker, who is fully hands-on with her music-making process. From writing, singing, producing, and engineering, Brunotts keeps it in-house and has found her unique sound which takes elements from indie and electronic pop tracks with her own twist.

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