Katie Kim delivers cinematic album ‘Hour Of The Ox’

Dublin multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Katie Kim crafts a tale of longing and desperation for change on sixth album Hour Of The Ox, a luscious collection of music built upon an expansive and orchestral bed of strings, synths and minimalistic drum beats.

Opening with soaring production “Mona,” as a buzzing undertone builds into an entrancing arrangement of strings broken up by spoken word deliver, the album segues into an intricate balance of various sonics from the haunting yet ambient wash of “Into Which the Worm Falls,” to the folksy touch of “Golden Circles.”

While the basslines of “Feeding on the Metals,” evokes sultry feels the melodic pianos of “Helen(Carry The Load),” unveils Kim’s versatility. Kim is experimental and elusive at times, like on the layered offering “Gentle Bird,” and other moments timelessness peaks through as it does on the atmospheric, vocally-driven “Really Far.”

Described by the artist as a “collection of quiet moments, ”Hour of the Oxis an expansive album that is set to be musician Katie Sullivan’sconcluding work under her Katie Kim moniker. Built around cinematic sensibilities that transport you seamlessly from an echoing room into an open field and everything in between, the album appeals to every mood with its hypnotic sonics and her crystal vocals.

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