Katy Alex fuses retro synth sounds with contemporary pop on “Sad Songs”

Hailing from Liverpool, UK, Katy Alex is a pop dynamo on the rise. The perfect tease for her upcoming EP, “Sad Songs” takes commercial Pop sounds and turns them on their head with a bouncing 80s synth, not to mention her chart-worthy vocal melodies and raw vocal delivery.

Katy is reluctant to be knocked down, and this is apparent with an energizing chorus that propels the song into an optimistic tone, despite the fact that the songs she’s writing are, well, sad. Textured vocal stacks sit above driving rhythms, ebbing and flowing between reflective tones and empowering belts.

Written about a guy getting under her skin at a point in her life where she was happy with her independence, she airs her grievances in a way that is relatable and honest. The confusion of having feelings for somebody whilst valuing your independence is a known struggle, and the tear between head and heart can be especially frustrating.

She elaborates on the therapeutic nature of the song by sharing, “so many times I’ve been able to use songwriting as a tool to turn negative memories and experiences into something I can’t help but love, and Sad Songs sits right at the top with some of those tunes.”

Katy Alex is an integral player in the new wave of artists coming out of the north west, and she is proving that independent pop music is alive and kicking.

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