Katy Kirby shines on new track ‘Juniper’

Texas-based songwriter Katy Kirby was raised by two ex-cheerleaders in small-town Texas and cut her teeth singing in church, surrounded by the pasteurized power pop of mid 90’s contemporary Christian music. On her latest track, “Juniper”, off her forthcoming album Cool Dry Place out February 19th on Keeled Scales, Kirby takes these easy-listening inclinations to a new level and blends sweet melodies with witty lyrics to capture a complex web of feelings about motherhood, all in under three minutes.
“Juniper” kicks off with gentle guitar riffs and bouncy drums that bolster Kirby’s captivating vocal melodies. Peach Pit fans and anyone looking for a bit of lighthearted groove will fall head over heels for Kirby’s approach to indie rock.
Speaking on the track Kirby says, “This is a song about motherhood, mostly. It sometimes seems like there’s far more material written on how dads can be terrifying and awful, or everyone is just less surprised by it… I heard Greta Gerwig say in an interview about Ladybird that, ‘nobody doesn’t have a complicated relationship with their mother.’ That feels pretty reasonable to me as far as super-broad statements go, and is maybe (probably) part of what scares me to death about raising a kid.” 
Catch more of Katy Kirby’s tunes on her forthcoming album Cool Dry Place out on February 19th on Keeled Scales.
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