Kavinsky & Cautious Clay team up on the fizzing "Renegade"

Relasing his first new music since 2013, France's alt-electro gem Kavinsky teams up with US singer-songwriter Cautious Clay on his new single "Renegade". The track arrives paired with superhero-inspired visuals that keep you hooked while you consume the fizzing undercurrents of his musical underworld.

Sampled by the likes of Kanye West and Childish Gambino, Kavinsky's prowess thrives in his own personal realm of electronica, a combination which sees his expertise elevated to new heights. Tapping Cautious Clay for this release sees the producer power up with Clay's soulful, R&B-inflected vocals by underscoring them with a vibrant concotion of sleek electro pulses and hearty beats. Touching on hints of disco, "Renegade" is not only a tune for hardcore synth lovers, but it's a clean-cut single perfected for everyone who wants to boogie to smooth alt-electronica.

Inspired by cinema, music and storytelling has always been an inherent blend for Kavinsky. Video director Alexandre Courtès tells us more about the inspiration behind the visuals: "I wanted to include Kavinsky in a real movie where he is the hero. With all the love and references he and I share, we pay homage to the film craft we cherish. Kavinsky is back with a bang !…. wait, no actually it’s three bangs."

We talk a lot about anthemic singles when it comes to producers, but this one feels like it's one of those ones where you remember exactly what you were doing the first time you heard it. The bassy synths and oscillating, almost throbbing, spacey textures create a galaxy of swirling sounds to really sink your teeth into. Kavinsky's skillset clearly lies with knowing how to create exactly the perfect backdrop for his fellow artists to boost their talents. This is a welcome return from Kavinsky.

Kavinsky's forthcoming album Reborn is out soon.

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