Kay Slice goes back to his roots in "Slice M Go" [Video]

After cooling off with the visuals for his single "Breeze," fast-rising Dutch Ghanaian rapper, singer, and producer Kay Slice is back with a brand new rap-Afropop fusion track titled "Slice M Go." Produced by Kay Slice himself with his three-piece band, the track exudes a vibrant and infectious vibe with its rousing drum grooves, anthemic keys, and thick basslines. Thematically, the song is about taking the negativity and unbelief that is thrown at us and fuelling it into positivity and self-confidence. As Kay Slice explains, “it’s about the underdog who found a way to turn negativity into fuel to rise up”. Armed with his machine gun flow and sharp delivery, he takes us down the road of a go-getter who goes against the odds and obstacles to come out on top.

The accompanying video sees Kay Slice collaborating once again with burgeoning Ghanaian cinematographer Edward Pappoe for an enthralling visual that was shot across three different landmarks in Ghana – Jamestown, Makola Market, and Legon Botanical Garden. Staying through to the song’s theme of the underdog that rose through negativity, the music video for "Slice M Go" captures the human fighting spirit and our inbuilt ethos of hard work and community, using the snapshot of Accra’s busy go-getting people as a microcosm of that spirit.

Emerging as an exciting and fast-rising new artist in the Netherlands due to his glorious hip-hop and afrobeats fusion, Kay Slice has performed for the Dutch Royal Family, as well as on the biggest Dutch TV entertainment show De Wereld Draait Door, with the likes of Red Bull Music, 3VOOR12 and VPRO also singing his praises.  "Slice M Go" is taken from his forthcoming solo debut album, which is due for release in January 2022.

Check out his 2022 LIVE DATES below.

February 12 – Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg, Rotterdam, Netherlands

February 16 – Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands

March 25, March 26 – Noord Nederlands Toneel, Groningen, Netherlands

March 27 – Paradox, Tilburg, Netherlands

April 14 – PAARD, Hague, Netherlands

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