KEANA creates a beautiful reality in "Lilac"

Los Angeles-based dream pop artist KEANA is best known for her fluid vocals, imaginative themes, and mesmerizing soundscapes that blend seamlessly together to create an immersive, delicate, another place and time.

KEANA's newest single “Lilac” is a musically rich and emotional escape to a lavender filled paradise. Inspired by the artist’s passion for meditation, dreams, and a reality beyond our comprehension, the song creates a perfect escape from the mundane and ordinary.  KEANA confides, “it speaks about wanting to be transported to another world where life stresses and fear do not exist. It is inspired by a dream I had one night I believe when I was living in Boston at the time. In this dream I heard this voice speaking to me. I felt that it was guiding me to this mysterious place where I could relax in paradise. The only way I could describe this being was a ‘White Phantom,’ this being of light that took me to places of “lilac islands and lavender beaches.” The song itself features yearning vocals, hypnotic rhythms, and an entrancing romantic melody that builds off each other for an ethereal musing with plenty of space for the listener’s own imagination and interpretation. It’s carefully orchestrated so that it builds in intensity, showcasing her ability to set the pacing for a fuller effect.

The accompanying video for “Lilac” offers "the juxtaposition between the dark ominous room and this colorful space where I move freely" says KEANA. The aesthetics sculpt a dream world of the artist’s creation, showcasing fluid choreography, a collision in time, and many shades of purple that feel like a blossoming flower.

In addition to being a singer-songwriter, KEANA is also an electronic music producer, audio engineer, and sound designer who creates alternative-electronic dream pop to melodramatic trip hop sounds. Her influences include Lana Del Rey, Grimes, Portishead, Massive Attack, and Bjork

Check out KEANA’s new music video for “Lilac” here and drift away into otherworldly bliss. 

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