KeeZY pulls out all the feels in “I Miss You”

Los Angeles based hip hop artist KeeZY just dropped his all new track “I Miss You.” The artist, who has been making music since the age of 12, is proving to be a show-stopper right from the start. KeeZY’s fluid sound and unconventional approach to music is a byproduct of years upon years of immersing himself in songwriting, production, mixing, and mastering, giving him a unique edge that is quite different from the traditional approaches often used in hip hop.

Now he returns with “I Miss You,” which is a refreshing zing of romantic feels, inspired by a long distance relationship and the overwhelming nightlife of Atlanta while trying to get his girl back.

The song, which is relatable to anyone who has ever been caught up in the push and pull of love, is delivered from the heart of a hopeless romantic, and arouses feelings of nostalgia, longing, and desire in a most euphoric tone. This ear-pleasing, silky smooth jam features soulful vocals over colorful pop-infused production, making it a late-night vibe that is sure to arouse deep thoughts and emotions. The song is about the “building anticipation that you can’t really act on for the time being,” KeeZY further confides. In a time of great isolation, “I Miss You” is a song that is highly relatable.

By showcasing his ability to transcend across multiple genres, the multi-faceted artist aims to bend the system to his favor, seeking out innovation rather than relying on tried and tested formulas for success. “I Miss You” is from the artist’s Ec-lec-tic album, which is set for release later this year.

Check out KeeZY’s new track “I Miss You” and get swept away in romantic reverie.

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