Keinemusik's Adam Port, &ME and Rampa team up with Little Dragon on "Saving My Love"

Nearly four years after the release of their debut collaborative album, Berlin's Adam Port, &ME and Rampa have linked up again on a slew of singles, with the latest added to the list, "Saving My Love." The disco, retro R&B and lounge-inspired track is the final release ahead of the group's second album release together, Send Return.

While Adam Port, &ME and Rampa might be known for their work in the more melodic and minimal sides of house and techno, "Saving My Love," along with their other recent singles "Discoteca" and "Confusion," reflect the result of a pointed "time out" that the trio took as a result of the pandemic. Taking that pause, they've focused on bringing a new voice to their work as collaborators, and with "Saving My Love," that effort pulls through via upbeat, positive, and catchy production, and the vocals of famed Little Dragon vocalist, Yukumi Nagano.

Keinemusik · Keinemusik (&ME, Rampa, Adam Port) – Saving My Love (feat. Little Dragon)

It's easy to feel the teamwork that went into "Saving My Love," with the camaraderie of their label, network and community of Keinemusik, where the track and album will be released, a tangible element. In a world where we're still in Zoom fatigue, catchy synths and laid back vocals might just be the antidote to what we do feel when we stop to evaluate the world around us.

Further information on Keinemusik's world tour, and Send Return, head to the label's official site. 

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