Kelly Monrow delivers an ode to mothers everywhere on “Mama Said”

Emerging singer-songwriter Kelly Monrow breathes life into a rock star personaon “Mama Said,” which evokes a sense of resilience and hope within us when things get rough. Rooted in a soothing melody, the track is an ode to strength and wisdom of mothers around the world, with Monrow’s fierce vocal style framed by poetic lyrics.

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A track that delves into the idea that a mother’s love will reach and guide us no matter how far we go in life, “Mama Said,” is a rock anthem with an inspirational message at its heart evoking deep emotions infused with an empowering touch.

Having found her voice amid the global pandemic, Monrow who set herself up as a fast-rising rock talent through a string of country-rock numbers and her album Scars on Venus, reached viral hit status with the freshness of “Mama Said,” which combined heartfelt song writing, bright vocal lines and an overall aesthetic blending her southern roots with urban class.

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