Kelsea Ballerini unapologetically gulps wine in “hole in the bottle” music video

Country-pop singer Kelsea Ballerini’s third album kelsea is undeniably pop-leaning, but the Nashville-based songwriter still sneaks some country ballads and bops on there. Arguably the most smartly crafted song is the current single “hole in the bottle,” Ballerini delivers a sassy and cheeky performance with an undeniably catchy chorus you can grab your boots and dance to. She has also released an accompanying music video that celebrates emptying the bottle unapologetically (mind the pun).

Yes, Ballerini has a radio-played feature with The Chainsmokers, but Ballerini still embraces the country-pop side of things. From film noir to bursting with colour during a dance sequence, we can hear the classic country twang along with the partying chorus on “hole in the bottle.” Ballerini grips a recently drained glass and paints her dog, dances on a bed, and struts her stuff at golden hour in slow-motion.

While other pop-leaning songs on the album like “club” and “bragger” are catchy, they don’t make you relate so hard to the more down-to-earth and real lyrics of “hole in a bottle”. “This cabernet has a way of vanishing on me,” is a line that can resonate with listeners on many levels. It’s a refreshingly cavalier stance on drinking before suppertime when you’ve had a hard time. All in all, “hole in the bottle” is the wine-inspired creative visual we need in 2020, from an emerging star that’s unafraid to get real with her songwriting. 

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