Kevin George shares progressive new single "All in My Head"

Genre-bending Connecticut-bred artist Kevin George has shared a vibrant, progressive new single called "All in My Head", featuring talented musician Johan Lenox. This track utilizes upbeat drums and shimmering guitars to convey a sense of longing for something greater. 

From the beginning of the song, George's authenticity shines through as he provides honest, raw vocals over top of energetic instrumentation. His voice soars effortlessly as gleaming guitars ring out beneath him, providing a bed of sonic layers that is dense and intriguing. Moreover, the production contains textured, fast-paced drums that converge to create a sense of urgency, constructing a hair-raising pace. Beneath the drums, rumbling bass is added to create an infectious groove, tying the single together stylishly.

Overall, "All in My Head" is a boundary-pushing release from George and Lenox that showcases their sharp focus as songwriters. It is evident that they were thoughtful in constructing a song that pairs futurism with relatability, while effectively capturing a deep sense of longing. Hopefully, more is soon to come from this pairing, as they demonstrate creativity, honesty, and astute songwriting on this offering.

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