KG Prince checks in with his energetic new EP, 'TANTRUM TEMPER'

Typically not known for producing mainstream rappers, Colorado might be looking to change things up as evidenced by a string of infectious releases that have surfaced from the state in the last year. Hailing from Auror, rising rapper KG Prince is spearheading this movement off the strength of his engaging music that's inspired by elements of punk music that make it incredibly energetic whenever he decides to hit the stage. Looking to translate that into your headphones, he unleashes his high-octane new project, 'TANTRUM TEMPER.'

Checking in at 5-tracks, 'TANTRUM TEMPER,' serves as the perfect name for this EP in production only. Throughout the project, the beats range from manic, to unhinged, to completely bonkers as his production team sets the scene for KG to really black out. In a welcomed turn of events, KG opts to let the production do most of the screaming, as he smoothly skates over songs like, "Buss a Move!' giving the songs a sense of tranquility and control, which contrast perfectly with the out-of-the-box production. Although he has two features on the project who both understood the assignment, the Colorado native might be best when he's riding solo, allowing for him to put his array of talents on display without any worries. 

Already having built a buzz prior to this release, it's safe to say that 'TANTRUM TEMPER,' has the potential to push KG Prince a step forward. Take a listen to the EP above and get familiar with the Colorado rapper yourself. 

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