KIANA reluctantly says goodbye in “split decisions”

Toronto R&B artist KIANA makes the difficult decision of saying goodbye in her new single “split decisions.” The emotionally vulnerable single sees KIANA refusing to keep someone around for her own needs, as she painfully lets them go in order for them to live their fullest life. 

KIANA shares, “The verses are almost like flashbacks that reminisce over memories and who that person was, and is vulnerable in the reality that when you let go of someone – you do continue to think about everything that you had, what could’ve been, and you learn to understand yourself and the other person more when the situation is done with.” 

“split decisions” showcases KIANA’s impressive soulful vocals as they glide atop a sexy beat and almost tropical percussion section. Singing “You found somebody who gon’ free you, I just knew I couldn’t do it myself”, you can hear the pain and reluctance in her smoky tone. KIANA’s music has always been hypnotic, but “split decisions” may be the most intoxicating yet. 

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